How to access Proterias API?

With Proteria CloudConnect API you can import orders or shipments to Proteria Freight, and you decide whether the labels should be automatically completed or if you want to use the web frontend to complete the shipments.

  • Proteria CloudConnect API supports Webhooks, so that your system receives information about booking status of the shipments.
  • Using automatic booking you can call Proteria CloudConnect API to get the shipment label into your system.
  • Upon that Proteria CloudConnect API supports updating your system with shipment tracking status.

Click here to find the latest documentation on how CloudConnect API works (for developers)

If you are simply looking for the API key belonging to your Proteria login you find this as follows:

  1. Log into Proteria Frakt
  2. Hover mouse on Frakt in the top-left corner → Proteria Web
  3. Click on your username → Din Proteria API nøkkel